Supply monitoring and quality assurance in China

For medium sized and larger volumes of PCBs we have, through our network, an organisation in China that can assure the quality of the factories and ensure deliveries.

Through our network we have personnel in Sweden as well as in China that, through a web based MPS system, monitor production and freight through the entire supply chain to your final delivery. We also ensure that important control documents accompany the delivery.

Specialty products


MMAB have the capability for a wide range of printed circuit board solutions, such as Flex, Flex-rigid, HDI microvia, plugged and overplated vias as well as RF material, thermoset, PTFE, mixed dielectric

Metal base & LED

MMAB is a development partner for suppliers of aluminium substrate and LED applications that has given us an advance in the market when it comes to cost effective manufacturing of pcb´s for lighting and cooling.

Antennas & radomes

Our production equipment is unique and we can produce antennas and PCBs for radomes up to 3000 mm in length on stiff or flexible laminate.

The lifecycle of a PCB

The production of the pre-series for our volume production takes place in Sweden and when the volume increases the production is shipped to our production partners in Asia.