New applications requires new materials

The rapid development of electronics impacts the demands of substrate materials. MMAB has during the past years fine-tuned the processes and developed the production line, which can be used for production of high frequency materials. Our efforts have given MMAB a unique competence in specialty materials.

MMAB have a production line that over the years has been adjusted for special tasks in different laminates and substrates, mainly thermoset, teflon, and metal-based substrates. Teflon laminate for high frequency and microwave applications for PCBs are required frequently. Another important area increasing rapidly is metal-based PCBs for LED-applications, power and cooling.

Investments in new materials partly depend on a natural market development but also on the fact that the trading activities from Asia increased which has made a different type of production in our Swedish factory possible. Read more about the specialty materials.

Specialty products


MMAB have the capability for a wide range of printed circuit board solutions, such as Flex, Flex-rigid, HDI microvia, plugged and overplated vias as well as RF material, thermoset, PTFE, mixed dielectric

Metal base & LED

MMAB is a development partner for suppliers of aluminium substrate and LED applications that has given us an advance in the market when it comes to cost effective manufacturing of pcb´s for lighting and cooling.

Antennas & radomes

Our production equipment is unique and we can produce antennas and PCBs for radomes up to 3000 mm in length on stiff or flexible laminate.

The lifecycle of a PCB

The production of the pre-series for our volume production takes place in Sweden and when the volume increases the production is shipped to our production partners in Asia.